Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Painted Silk Bag

I've been cleaning out my cupboard today - long needed. I started doing it because I managed to lose one of my slippers and one of my special ultra-thermal wool socks. As it's very cold at the moment I need them desperately. Although I haven't found them yet I did manage to get side tracked...

This is a project I did last year. I made it from a silk handkerchief and some delicious gold silk dupioni, as well as some silk painting materials.

The silk handkerchief was originally white, but by using silk paints I was able to create a fan design on it, in red, black and gold, which looks (if I do say so myself) stunning but simple.

To make the bag stronger I lined the bag with interfacing, than covered the interfacing with the silk dupioni. The handle and clasp are made from different coloured DMC threads, tied in the Chinese Staircase pattern. The button is one that I got from Stitch Bliss a while ago, because I just couldn't resist it...

Unfortunately I haven't really had an opportunity to use the bag yet as it is more for show than actual use - I'd only be able to put in a few small things - and obviously you always need more room. :)

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  1. Nice post, but I can't see your photo. Would you mind explaining the Chinese staircase? Is it a knotting pattern?