Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It was a cold and rainy Christmas. The wind was howling outside and the roof was rattling in the rain... Yes, I know it's 6 months since Christmas, but I've been lazy and just haven't got round to it.

Because Christmas was so miserable, I was stuck inside all day, every day for about three weeks on end. Bored and cold, I resorted to cleaning out my bedroom - finally :)

Of course, whilst cleaning the room I found some very interesting things - old lolly wrappers, clothes I thought I'd lost etc. Then I came across some old origami kits that someone had given me, however many years ago.

Gladly turning my back on the half-cleaned (and probably messier) room, I started to revise my (pitiful) origami skills. Amazing how much you can forget in less than 2 years...

A while later and I had gone through the childish instruction books and was ready for something more.

Searching for some interesting things to make I came across Modulo Origami, a style where you make one small piece many times and join the small pieces up to make a big shape.

Unfortunately after only a few tries I ran out of paper, and patience. I'll probably try again in a few years.

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