Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Stitch Cake

A friend of mine had her birthday a while ago, and as she loves the Lilo and Stitch movie I thought I would attempt an appropriately themed birthday cake. I started off by doing a bit of research and quickly realised that the images brought up by "stitch cake" were not quite what I had in mind - mainly, that they looked way too difficult.

I decided to do a simple round chocolate cake, with chocolate butter cream icing for the base, and make it into a Stitch face by using ready made fondant. I could have used the fondant to cover the cake as well, instead of the butter cream icing, but I am not particularly fond of fondant for eating and was keen to have my cake and eat it too ;)

I designed the cake decorations on baking paper, as shown below (unfortunately this did not photograph very well). I also colour-coded each piece on the cake pattern, to determine the amount of fondant needed for each colour.

 I used food dyes to colour the white fondant, by kneading in the dye. Needless to say my hands were blue and purple for a few days afterwards :D (I would recommend wearing gloves for this stage).

I ended up with the following coloured fondants:
  • Red (mouth)
  • Pink (tongue)
  • Black (eyes, nose, inner ears)
  • Dark Blue (main body, ears)
  • Light Blue (eyes, lower jaw)
  • White (eyes, teeth)
I then shaped the fondant to the baking paper pattern pieces, using a rolling pin and knife. This worked quite well until I realised that the fondant was not easily removed from the baking paper - some tears of frustration ensued. I did manage to arrange the pieces on the cake to my eventual satisfaction, however if I used the fondant again I would put it in the fridge to harden before removing it from the baking paper.

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